We all have freedoms in our lives. We have the freedom to choose for ourselves many different things. Who we will marry, where we will live, what job we will work at, whether we will go to college, what clothes we wear, how we will style our hair, or whether or not we will grow a beard. Some choices seem to have no lasting effect while others have deep long lasting consequences.

There are things that are within your control like whether or not you will smoke that first cigarette, or eat that extra piece of cheesecake. We have the freedom to make those choices. What we don’t have is the freedom “from” the consequences of our choices. Even with the puff of that first cigarette we damage our lungs and, if you keep choosing to smoke, we may become addicted to smoking causing us to lose our freedom from this habit. The same goes with any choice we make. We have freedom to eat the cheesecake, but not freedom from the weight we will gain by doing so.

Once our freedoms “to” become freedoms “from” what can we do? Is it possible to unchain ourselves from some the consequences of our actions? The answer is Yes! We can break the chains we have forged link by link in our lives. We can gain freedom “from”  Smoking, pornography, anger, jealousy, obesity, etc. Through the use of Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programing), CBT (Cognitive Brain Therapy) and the relatively new science of Neuroplasticity and pattern interrupts, (just to name a few) this becomes possible.

These treatments work by unlocking the power of our subconscious mind. The subconscious is 95 percent more powerful than the conscious mind, and it processes differently than the conscious mind. Our brains are like computers. The habits which we have formed which take away our freedom or like little viruses. Hypnotherapy is a delivery system for the anti-virus. Without a mode of delivery for the Anti-virus, or an effective way of penetrating the computer it would be useless. Imagine giving an injection without a needle. If not impossible it would be difficult at best.

Imagine no more cigarettes, no more self-disgust when you are walking past a mirror or a store front because of your weight. Imagine healthy relationships where you are in control of your emotions and behaviors. The choice to restore your freedom is yours. The opportunity is there if you exercise your freedom “to” use it.