Hypnotherapy can

improve many common

aspects of your life

PTSD and Trauma

About the treatment:

If you are suffering from a traumatic event such as: combat exposure, child sexual and physical abuse, sexual/physical assault, serious accidents, natural disasters, or any other event that left you feeling traumatized hypnotherapy can help.

Most people have some stress-related reactions after suffering through a traumatic event. Fear, anger, guilt, sleep problems, and sadness are common. Many may be suffering from bad memories or flashbacks. The techniques we employ are designed to help you get your life back. There is hope…there is help.

You determine your success:

Hypnosis requires effort and motivation on the part of the person being hypnotized. Because of this your success is not guaranteed. I have heard it said that if hypnosis does not work for you…what a pity…because it is a powerful tool for change when engaged by a willing person.

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