Hypnotherapy can

improve many common

aspects of your life

Test Taking and Enhanced Study

About the treatment:

Everyone has had times when they feel a little anxious or stressed because of an important test or a particularly difficult class. Stress dulls our ability to recall what we have learned, and makes understanding new information difficult. Through the use of hypnotherapy, we are able to heighten our abilities to remain calm while taking a test or studying thus helping our minds to clearly process needed information. We will also supply you with the knowledge of self-hypnosis. This will help you in all of your future endeavors.

You determine your success:

Hypnosis requires effort and motivation on the part of the person being hypnotized. Because of this your success is not guaranteed. I have heard it said that if hypnosis does not work for you…what a pity…because it is a powerful tool for change when engaged by a willing person.

Hypnotherapy Session Info