What they have to say about ClearMind Hypno

The confidentiality of our clients is of utmost importance to us. We do not list the client’s full names with their testimonial, nor do we use actual pictures of the client.

I must admit at first I wasn’t sure what hypnosis was going to be like or if it was even going to work. All reservations flew out the window once I got there and we started on the simple background questions. I immediately relaxed. In that hour and a half session I was more relaxed than I can ever remember. And the best part is that I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I know it works. The problem I have had my entire life that I sought help for has all but gone and that is with just one session. I have finally noticed a change in myself that I wasn’t able to achieve through other forms of therapy. This is something I would recommend to everyone, and something I would do again.

Lauren P.

– Treatment, Unwanted Habits

I had been plagued all my life by feelings that my parents didn’t love me as much as they loved my siblings. I had always felt like I must be a disappointment to them. They always showered my siblings with gifts and attention. It had gotten to the point that my feelings were very hurt. I came to Jill hoping to rid myself of the bad feelings that I was having towards my parents. Through hypnosis I was able to see that my parents really do love me. Because I had always been a child who did what was expected they had never had to worry about me. My siblings have always struggled with things like drug addiction, failed relationships etc. I recognized that the reason my parents had always been so attentive to them wasn’t because they loved them more, but rather that they worried about them more. Thanks to hypnotherapy I have been able to improve the relationship I have with my parents.

Brenda B.

– Treatment, Relationships

My daughter’s fear of dogs was out of control. It consumed our lives as she would not go outside or to her friends’ houses if they had a dog. I contacted Jill and asked her if she would work with her. Jill didn’t hesitate and met with us and started working with my daughter. She was so professional and made her feel comfortable. We completed three sessions and the difference in my daughter was amazing. She had a small setback when she was chased by three small dogs and wrecked on her bike. Jill met with us again and was so supportive to her and her fear that she was able to overcome that fear again. Jill is in tune with the needs of others and so supportive. She is wonderful and easy to work with and I would highly recommend her!

Amanda J.

– Treatment, Fears and Phobias

I have two fairly unusual nerve diseases. RSD/CRPS and Dysautonmia in my bowels. They are both very painful and as they are problems with the automatic nervous system there are a lot of functions that are compromised.

It is very hard for me to sleep. In Jill’s first hypnotherapy session with me I was able to sleep for 8 hours. I hadn’t slept for 8 hours since I was in my 20’s and I am now 49 years old. Thank you Jill

Darin P.

– Treatment, Pain and Insomnia

I had a very strong fear of the wind after an accident. It made it hard to go outside. I went and had a hypnosis session with Jill to help with fear. Afterwards, I have been able to go outside and enjoy the world. Thanks Jill.

Amy S.

– Treatment, Fear and Phobias

ClearMind hypno is amazing. I’ll admit that I was more than a little skeptical about the power of hypnotherapy. I wasn’t planning on trying the therapy until I found myself drowning in a difficult class with my future on the line. I decided to allow Jill to hypnotize me. After the session I felt relaxed but was still a little skeptical that it would work. When the time came to take the test it was as if my mind had been opened. I was able to recall the things I had learned readily. My test scores improved and I was able to pass not only the test but the class as well. I would recommend anyone who is interested in increasing their mental capabilities to use ClearMind’s technique.

Robert W.

– Treatment, Test Taking and Enhanced Study