The moment that you wake up in the morning the WHYs start flowing. “Why do I have to get up?” ”Why, do I have to go to a job I hate?”…  “Why can’t I stay home with the kids?”,” or hang out with the grandkids?” Why, Why, Why

So often it is easy to get locked into the negative aspect of WHY. It feels like a noose around our neck.  But let’s look at WHY from a different perspective. You’re WHY is often equal to your level of motivation.  For example,  you go to a job you hate so you can provide for your loved ones.  It’s fair to say that our WHY is equal our REASON.

Our reason or motivation is key. Without motivation we become stagnant, and we fail to progress. The changes we need to make in order for our lives to be happy can seem difficult, but to regain motivation it is important to reassess your WHY. 

Suppose you are a smoker who would like to stop smoking. You must ask yourself WHY you want to quit. What are your reasons?  Is the WHY big enough in your mind to provide the required motivation?  You must figure out WHY quitting is important to you. Is it for health reasons? Perhaps it is for financial reasons?  Maybe you want to be around to see your kids grow up? Only you know your reason WHY.

When you developed a big enough WHY you will also have sufficient motivation to be successful. Whether it is smoking cessation or a different change you wish to make in your life.

The general rule of change is that you must continue a new habit for 21 days. After 21 days the new habit will be easy and natural. However, through the use of hypnosis it is possible to achieve instantaneous change. You must still be highly motivated, but you will not have to “tough-out” the change for 21 days. 

As you begin to see and feel the success of making changes in your life, you will begin to think, “WHY NOT?” When it comes to making more positive changes.

And as your self-confidence increases the possibilities for change become endless.

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